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The Mobility Group is a full service transportation consulting company providing comprehensive services to the private and public sectors in Transportation Planning, Traffic Studies, Transit Planning, Parking Studies and Transportation Management. The Mobility Group focuses on developing transportation strategies and solutions for successful project implementation.  We can provide services from the broadest strategic planning to the most detailed implementation plans. 

The company and its staff have prepared transportation plans, traffic studies, and parking studies for many large scale and high profile mixed use private development projects, as well as traffic circulation and parking studies for environmental documents and project entitlements for many different types of land uses and scales of projects.  We have prepared transportation elements for award winning and ground breaking General Plans and Specific Plans.  We are experienced in multimodal planning for transit stations and transit-oriented districts, and in the preparation of transportation and traffic management plans for special events, sports and entertainment facilities.

The company has been in business for fifteen years.  Our practice area focuses on Southern California, and we have conducted projects across the Western United States.  We have also participated in a number of international overseas assignments.


Our Approach

The Mobility Group's key mission is to develop transportation strategies and solutions that effectively address client's needs.  

We believe in integrating transportation and land uses to create better places and communities, in achieving balance between transportation modes, and in the ability of transportation solutions to enhance the quality of life and the livability of our communities.

We work creatively and interactively with clients and on problem solving to meet their goals.  We are used to working collaboratively with multi-disciplinary teams.

We believe that clear and effective communication is critical to a successful project.  We produce clear, informative, and readable reports, to make technical analyses and conclusions accessible to the reader, and we are experienced in communicating to decision makers and the general public.